April Woolery

It’s Here!

April Woolery

Have you heard about the whole ridiculous Scottish public entertainment licensing fees fiasco?

They’re gunna make it so pretty much any kind of FREE public event – be it an easter egg hunt, or some paintings hung in a coffee shop, or ANYTHING FUN AND CREATIVE OUT IN THE …OPEN, will have to have a really expensive license.

“The SNP MSP said the idea behind the changes to legislation was to help local authorities to crack down on activities such as illegal raves” BBC news. However, these raves are illegal anyway!

Do they seriously think the orgsniser of one would then apply for an expensive license and therefore alert the authorities to their existence?! The events which will suffer will be small, harmless, grassroots arts events.

So…. on 1st April,  in PROTEST, there will be hundereds of FREE events taking place over Scotland.

This is our one!

*************** April Woollery! *****************

Outside the kings theatre, tollcross, Edinburgh. 11-4pm.

There will be:

— a group of knitting and spinning experts doing knitting graffiti and giving lessons and demonstrations to the public!

— an outdoor art exhibition

— facepainting

— musical performances

So please come along and get involved!

Feel free to post any other suggestions on this page and let us know if you would like to perform or exhibit any of your art

(there is a canopy so we won’t get wet) 🙂

See you there!!




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