How To Participate In A Little April Foolery

  • First, think up an event! A Little April Foolery is about celebrating Scotland’s grassroots arts in all its many forms. The range of events taking place will extend as far as our imaginations allow. Events must be free to attend and open to the public, but beyond that it’s up to you. It can take place any time on April 1st.
  • Next, find a venue – look online for bookshops, record shops, cafes, galleries and other places that hold small events, then contact them and ask if they will host you. Respect their busy times and their customers. Invite them to the after-party if your town or city is having one.
  • As far as I understand these rules (does anyone understand these rules?), we artists are the ones taking the risk, not the venue owners/managers. If it’s your event, it’s your responsibility to apply for a license – or, in this case, to refuse to apply for one.
  • Once you’ve decided that you want to do and found a venue, drop me an email ( to let me know what, when and where. I’ll put together a list of events and make it into a pdf so you can print out your own programme and check out other people’s events.
  • If you are approached by anyone from the police or the council, be polite. If they ask you to stop what you’re doing, stop. Smile sweetly, thank the venue for having you, move on and join someone else’s event elsewhere.
  • We’re planning to make a co-operative documentary about the day’s events, so please ask someone to film or photograph your event if you’d like it to be included. Email it to me (again, along with your names for the credits (or let me know if you’d prefer to remain anonymous).
  • Not inScotland? You can still support A Little April Foolery and the Scrap the Arts Tax campaign – get a friend in Scotland to take their laptop to a participating venue and do your thing over Skype!
  • Have a fantastic day! Please be respectful towards people and property – we’re not out to make enemies of anyone, just to show our communities (and our councillors and MSPs) how grassroots artists can brighten their day.

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Edinburgh-based writer, dramaturg and director. Here you'll find posts about my work, mental health, arts politics and whatever else happens to catch my attention.



    Thanks! I must make an effort to understand the rules behind this, any clarification will be welcomed. One would imagine that venue owners would be worried about losing other licenses by encouraging this but it doesn’t seem to be so. Events taking place in the streets to raise awareness are definitely going to fall under the possibility of Point 5 (police) but otherwise, I wouldn’t expect intervention unless you are up to something that would normally attract the wrong sort of attention anyway. See you there folks.

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  4. paul wright

    Sitar/tabla performance. classical Indian raga by POLSITAR venue tbc. Dundee.

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