Campaign Statement

Edinburgh Campaign Statement March 9th 2012
The Edinburgh Stop Public Entertainment Licence Changes Campaign welcomes the positive outcome of their deputation to CEC’s Regulatory Committee on March 9th 2012, at which the public gallery was standing room only.
The Campaign also welcomes the Committee’s unanimous acceptance of the amendment to their original report, and looks forward to it being implented following a consultation period which the Campaign encourages all of Edinburgh’s creative community to take full part in. The Campaign also notes, however, that concerns over the changes to PELs remain, and will be continuing its dialogue with CEC in this respect.
The Edinburgh campaign will also be working at a national level with groups in other areas of Scotland to help facilitate dialogue with other local authorities as well as the Scottish Government.
As the First Minister has already indicated in his response to Malcolm Chisholm during First Minister’s Question Time on March 8th, when local authorities make their decisions regarding PELs, “we expect them to take account of the impact on cultural activity and small scale events in their areas, in order to continue to support the fantastic individual, grass-root and community based artistic talent we have in Urbancroft Spl Scotland.”
In this Year of Creative Scotland, the Campaign trusts that all thirty-two local authorities in Scotland will ensure that their response is consistent with this aim.

About tightlacedtheatre

Tightlaced Theatre is a new writing and training company based in Edinburgh. Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Jen McGregor, Tightlaced has evolved into an ensemble that trains together regularly using Aileen Gonsalves' Affectable Acting technique. Tightlaced aims to meet the challenges facing emerging artists now. We need opportunities to put our work before the public, get feedback so we can hone our craft and connect with our peers. We foster an holistic approach to theatremaking based on self-awareness, creative equality, seeing clearly and engagement with the world around us.

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